A real "Faithful Giver"

Interfaith Worker Justice is blessed to have a group of caring folks pledging regular contributions to the organization. They are our Faithful Givers.

PaulineFor six years now, Pauline Villapando, a devoted Catholic who works in campus ministry at DePaul University in Chicago, has been a part of this invaluable group of allies in this important and often challenging work. Pauline has always been passionate about social justice. She volunteered regularly at the Catholic Worker community in her hometown of Las Vegas. She began working in ministry right after she graduated college. When she moved to Chicago and one of her students introduced her to IWJ, it was a natural fit.

Check out why Pauline supports IWJ and how doing so has impacted her life and ministry.

What worker issues concern you the most?
Fair wages, particularly amongst undocumented workers.

What inspired you to give to Interfaith Worker Justice and invest at the level you have?
I heard about IWJ before, but it was my cousin’s commitment to the organization that gave me a personal connection to IWJ. It gave me more of a reason to support the good and necessary work of IWJ’s staff. My faith also compels me to support organizations like IWJ because human dignity and the dignity of work are integral aspects of our tradition’s teaching.

How does giving to IWJ enrich your life?
The monetary connection was a first step in feeling connected. Since then, participating in some protests and other actions has helped me feel like I’m more thoroughly engaging in the organization’s mission. I also continue to become educated on the particular issue of worker’s rights through newsletters. Along with that, I feel hopeful when victories are shared through stories.

What would you like other individuals to know about IWJ?
IWJ is a wonderful way to put your faith into action. They are prophets and workers building the Kingdom of God through tangible actions around a very important justice issue. They bring Bible mandates and stories to life through their mission. I’m thankful for the education I have received from being affiliated with IWJ.

Join Pauline, and become a Faithful Giver today