Interfaith Worker Justice

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We are committed to the fight for economic justice and workers' rights. In order to put our resources to use in a way that creates maximum impact, we focus on these core issues:

Ending Wage Theft
More than 16,000 workers come into IWJ workers centers for help each year, and 80 percent are victims of wage theft (the illegal underpayment or non-payment of workers' wages). Wage theft happens in every industry, victimizing millions of workers. Our goal is to put an end to wage theft.

In line with efforts to end wage theft, IWJ and other worker advocates around the country are pushing the Department of Labor to issue a Paystubs for All regulation that would require employers to provide workers with documentation of how their pay is calculated and what deductions are taken out.

Corporate Justice
Corporations like Walmart and McDonalds have standardized poor working conditions, low pay and stifled collective bargaining rights. Our goal is to urge corporations to become leaders in an economy that uplifts the Common Good.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

The time to reform our broken immigration system is now. More than 11 million undocumented people are living in this country. Without legal status immigrant workers are victims of every kind of labor abuse and cannot protect their rights without fear of deportation. Our goal is to reform America's immigration system with a clear path to citizenship and strong worker protections.

Raise the Federal Minimum Wage
All religious traditions affirm that work contributes to the dignity and worth of a person. The goal is an honest wage for an honest days work! Our goal is a federal minimum wage that is also a living wage and indexed inflation so it stays a living wage.

Paid Sick Days
More than 40 million workers in this country – and more than 80 percent of low-wage workers – don’t have a single paid sick day. Our goal is to raise core workplace standards for American workers and make paid sick days a standard for all workers. 

Health and Safety
Millions of individuals in the workforce are faced with jobs where they are not guaranteed a safe and healthy work environment. IWJ is working with affiliates to train on health and safety work in the work place, doing outreach and organizing workers and worker-leaders.

Affirming the Right to Organize
In other industrialized countries, CEO’s are paid 10 to 25 times more than workers. In the U.S., CEO pay is 400 times the average worker’s wages. That gap is growing. And it is worse in those places where the organized voice of workers has been silenced. Our goal is to protect the right of workers to stick together.