Interfaith Worker Justice

This is what religion looks like.



The goal: Put America back to work.

All faith traditions affirm the dignity of work. Through our labor we become co-creators with one another and with all that is holy. The jobs crisis is both a spiritual and a justice issue.

The U.S. is a wealthy country. Our economy could drive economic recovery throughout the world. We are not broke. But we are fast becoming broken. Fourteen million people are out of work, yet there is only one job opening for every five job seekers. The middle class is shrinking. Poverty is escalating. The chasm between the very wealthy and the rest of us is widening. 

Prayer, encouragement and charity help our unemployed neighbors and friends. But fixing an unjust economic system and creating jobs also requires new legislative initiatives. 

We are networking and resourcing people of faith to tackle these complex issues together.

Flower Prayer Vigil for the Unemployed - D.C., Dec. 2011

“All I want is a decent job. I want to work. I love to work. I don’t know what’s going to happen to my mother. I have a home to pay off.”

– Shonda Sheen, unemployed worker, who spoke at a Flower Prayer Vigil in D.C.

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