Paid Sick Days

The Goal: Pass legislation that will provide paid sick days for all workers

Paid Sick Days LogoMore than 40 million workers in this country – and more than 80 percent of low-wage workers – don’t have a single paid sick day. That’s bad for workers, bad for families, bad for businesses, and bad for public health. Not surprisingly, some surveys show two-thirds of all voters support paid sick days.

Yet winning legislation, especially at the federal level has been tough. So interfaith worker advocates are taking the battle to the state and local level, where big changes in workplace standards have often begun.

Parents shouldn’t have to choose between their jobs and staying home to take care of a sick child. Cash-strapped families shouldn’t have to lose pay when illness strikes.

IWJ on the front lines

IWJ has been on the front lines fighting for better workplace standards since 1996.