Puzder’s withdrawal proves that organizing will remain a powerful tool for working people in the Trump era

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Contact: Ian Pajer-Rogers | ipajer-rogers[at]iwj[dot]org

CHICAGO (February 15, 2017) — The following is a statement from Laura Barrett, Executive Director at Interfaith Worker Justice:

“Today, the weeks of powerful, coordinated organizing by working people nationwide paid off as Andrew Puzder withdrew from consideration for Secretary of Labor less than 24 hours before his first confirmation hearing was scheduled to begin.

“This is a testament to the power of working people organizing in the face of injustice. Andrew Puzder has made millions of dollars on the backs of low-wage and often undocumented working people, all while advocating for a lower minimum wage and replacing workers with robots.

“So far, this is an Administration that has proven itself intent on shutting up the will of working people. Today, we demonstrated that we will not be shut up when we show up.

“As we witness the President of the United States’ ongoing betrayal of the working people who voted for him and for whom he promised to be a champion, today’s victory is an important lesson. We must continue to resist against the destructive policies of the Trump Administration. Today we reaffirm that organizing remains the antidote to injustice.

“We urge the president to remember his campaign promises to working people and nominate a Labor Secretary who will be a champion for working people and is committed to the mission of the Department of Labor. If he fails to do so, working people will be ready.”