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Ethical Business Leaders

Ethical Business Leaders

Who is in the network?

Business owners and leaders who are committed to treating their employees fairly and encouraging others in the business community to do the same.

See who's in IWJ's Ethical Business Network.

What does the network do?

Ethical business leaders are essential partners in stopping wage theft and restoring middle class jobs that can support families in this nation.  Ethical business leaders not only try to do the right thing with their own employees, but they publicly advocate with their peers to do the right thing.  They are willing to speak publicly about the need for stopping wage theft and paying workers decent wages and benefits.   

Why should I join the network? 

As a member of the Ethical Business Leaders Network, you become identified in your community as someone who cares about these issues.  You may be invited to speak in public settings, testify at community hearings and speak to the press.   You do this because it is the right thing to do.  This can also be good (free) publicity for your firm. Many consumers, especially in the religious community, are eager to support ethical businesses over ones that steal wages and pay poverty wages.

Sign the ethical business leaders statement against wage theft and allow IWJ to post your name on its ethical leaders list.  

Listen to Texas business owner, Stan Marek, talking about wage theft in the construction industry: