Below are a collection of videos that will inform you of the crisis of Wage Theft that is facing our country. 

WAGE THEFT: The Crime Wave No One Talks About

A video about the national crisis of wage theft — a crime wave that every year robs millions of workers out of billions of dollars they’ve worked for but never seen — featuring interviews with staff members of Interfaith Worker Justice ( and the the Arise Chicago Worker Center ( Produced by Jan Muller. 

Wage Theft: Faces of a Hidden Crime: A Documentary by R.J. Fichtinger

A short film discussing the hidden nature of wage theft in Chicago. The film has real people affected by this real crime. 

Made in L.A.

Made in L.A. is an Emmy award-winning documentary (bilingual English-Spanish) that follows the three-year odyssey of three Latina immigrants working in garment factories as they fight for basic labor protections while finding their way in the U.S. This intimate, human story puts a face on the immigrant experience, low-wage work, and workers’ rights, and it draws parallels between today’s immigrants and those whose families came to the U.S. generations ago. 

Different Types of Wage Theft

An excellent video from the Workers’ Action Center giving an overview of the different ways ways employers can take advantage of employees.  The Workers’ Action Center is based in Canada, but methods of Wage Theft are the same where ever you are.