Spotlight on WDP For Their Work

Workers' Defense Project (WDP) was highlighted on Up Late with Alec Baldwin for their work.

In Texas, WDP was founded in 2002 and since has been working on the front lines to help low-wages and immigrant workers receive stolen wages from their employers, help pass ordinances for workers to get rest breaks in construction and create safer working conditions. One of the major job sectors in Texas is the construction industry, with an estimated worth of $6 billion dollars, and half of the workforce in the construction is undocumented workers.

Interviewed by Alec Baldwin on Up Late with Alec Baldwin, Cristina Tzitzun, executive director, discussed the work of WDP and share stories of workers. When asked by Alec Baldwin if immigration policy is her g...

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Damayan Migrants Workers Association Take On Labor Trafficking

Damayan Migrants Workers Association has taken on labor trafficking and modern-day slavery. 

In late September, Damayan Migrants Workers Association and their allies held a rally and interfaith vigil to demand an end to modern-day slavery and labor trafficking. The rally and interfaith vigil, which occurred in front of the Philippine consulate, called for legal reform to punish individuals who engage in labor trafficking and abuse domestic workers.

Damayan at Phillipine Consulate

A labor trafficking survivor spoke about earning onl...

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AZ Worker Rights Center Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

The Arizona Worker Rights Center celebrated its five year anniversary on Sept. 2.Arizona WRC Members

The Arizona Interfaith Alliance for Worker Justice (AIAWJ) established in 2006 joined collectively, with local faith leaders and the national office of IWJ to collaboratively address the issues facing workers in the state. During its first year, the AIAWJ led a state-wide coalition to "Raise the Minimum Wage for Working Arizonans," engaged in a ballot initiative and partnered alongside low-wage workers in residential construction, hotel and worker campaigns. AIAWJ also aided in resour...

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Houstonians Tackle Wage Theft

Photo Courtesy of Fe y JusticiaHouston is America's forth largest city with a population a little more than two million people. Some of Houston residents are taking their concerns about unscrupulous employers in the city who stealing wages from workers to the city council. The Down with Wage Theft campaign driven by coalition of different community member from faith to labor and businesses are working together to stand up against wage theft.

The IWJ affiliated worker center in Houston, Fe y Justicia, is spear-head...

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Center for Racial Justice Phone Bank to "Ban the Box"

Have you ever had to check a tiny box on a job application form, disclosing any criminal record or history? Have you ever wondered if and how that tiny box impacts your prospect of finding work?

Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals are released from incarceration, ready for a fresh start. However, disclosing one's criminal history on a job application often ends with the candidate screened out of the hiring process, regardless of qualifications. As a result, many fall into the cycle of poverty, unemployment and lack of opportunity.

Chicago-based worker center, the Center for Racial Justice (CRJ), is pushing to eliminate "the box" from appearing on job application in the states of Illinois. CRJ's efforts are part of national campaign, "Ban the Box," to remo...

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ROC-NY worker leaders are "Hungry for Justice"

The Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York (ROC-NY), a worker center organizing restaurant workers New York City, launched their “Hungry for Justice” fundraising campaign last month. ROC-NY hopes the campaign will raise $25,000 by Sept. 21, to support the center's work to raise wages and improve working conditions for restaurant workers in the Big Apple.

Worker leaders with ROC-NY are hungry for justice. Hunger among workers is a constant reminder than seven of the 10 lowest paying jobs are in the restaurant industry. But the that hunger also inspires and drives the ROC-NY community to continue their struggle for healthy and safe work environments, equal opportunities, job security and dignity.

“ROC-NY has been an accessory, supporter, org...

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Dairy Workers Rally on "Dairy Day" at New York State Fair

Photo Courtesy of Central New York Area Labor Federation, AFL-CIOOn August 26, the Workers’ Center of Central New York rallied outside the New York State Fair calling out the workplace injustices dairy workers in the industry face every day. Often these workers suffer from wage theft, frequent workplace injuries, no access to healthcare, and crowded and substandard housing.

The Workers’ Center of Central New York hopes the really will help support legislation similar to Farm Worker Fair Labor Practices Act, even though the bill was blacked...

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CTUL Mobile Museum "Target" the Exploitation in Retail Cleaning

Mobile Museum from CTUL

Early this February, el Centro de Trabajadores Unidoes en Lucha (CTUL) launched the premiere of their mobile museum to highlight the exploitation at Target stores. The retail giant contracts  their cleaning services with retail cleaning companies like Diversified Maintenance. The museum was publically displayed on Feb. 7  in front of the Target Corporation Headquarters. CTUL held a press conference to report the evidence of workplace violations in the cleaning of Target stores.

Cleaning services fight for the contracts at big box retail st...

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Prevailing Wage Settlement Return 17,000 in Back-Wage for Workers

After a sub-contractor at University of Wisconsin — Whitewater cheated workers by stealing their wages. Two workers went to the Workers' rights Center in Madison for help claiming the wages that had been stolen. The Workers' Rights Center in Madison after hearing the two of the workers stories contacted the employer to ask him to voluntarily pay the employees their due earned wages.

In spite of WRC attempt to reach out to the employer, the workers had to file a formal complaint with the Wisconsin Department of Workplace Development. They did so after the employer refused to the settle with the two men. The company was being contracted to paint the UW Whitewater campus, which is classified as a state government agency. Investigators discovered  the two workers were ...

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Chicago city council approves Wage Theft ordinance


Low-wage workers can cheer today! On Thursday, Jan. 17, the City Council in Chicago unanimously passed an anti-wage theft ordinance. Recognized as one of strongest wage theft ordinances in the country, and the second of its kind nationally, the new ordinance could revoke business licenses for businesses found guilty of wage theft. Worker advocates attest that this new ordinance will protect vulnerable and defend ethical business.

As a colla...

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