Worker Center Network Gains Affiliate in Nashville

The IWJ Worker Center Network welcomed Workers Dignity Project as its 26th affiliate member on April 20th when member organizations unanimously voted to accept its affiliation. WDP, also called Dignidad Obrera, is based in Nashville, Tennessee.

Workers Dignity Project Community Art Project

“Our greatest strengths have come from our organizational structure that makes this the only worker-led shop in town. This leadership and collective ownership have led to innovative tactics, thoughtful strategy, and momentum,” WDP said in its application for affiliation. Two-thirds of its steering committee are low-wage workers, and they plan to make the organization completely worker-led.

WDP is no stranger to the IWJ network. They have worked with other IWJ affiliates, including Workers Interfaith Network in Memphis, since its beginning development. 7 members came to Chicago in June of 2011 to participate in the IWJ worker center meeting and national conference.

Since its inception in 2009 WDP has racked up an impressive record of victories. It has won over $60,000 in back wages and compensation for low-wage workers, hired two full-time staff, and will hold a comprehensive organizing training school beginning in autumn of 2012.

“An improvement to community life” is how WDP defines social change. “As a worker organization we want to end labor abuse, fearlessly speak about the experiences that each one of us have had, and share our own ideas to achieve fair conditions and a better environment in our workplace.”

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