Creating Alternatives to Abusive Industry Practices: WDP Members Launch Texas’ First Worker-Owned Green Cleaning Cooperative.

“We were just tired of having our wages stolen, being discriminated against, and not being able to take care of our families” said Eva Marroquin, member of Workers Defense Project and now a proud worker-owner of Dahlia Green Cleaning Services, Texas’ first worker-owned green cleaning cooperative. 

Starting last year, Ms. Marroquin and four other WDP members sought a way to break free from the abuses in the cleaning industry and wanted fair, living wage jobs that put people and the planet first. Maria Munoz, mother of three and member of WDP, expressed her concern: “I work so much and get paid so little, I don’t have the time or money to take care of my children”. 

Recognizing that the cleaning industry is rife with labor violations and unfair working conditions, Workers Defense Project decided to establish a partnership with Cooperation Texas, a worker cooperative development center, to build an alternative business model that would create dignified employment with its members.

For over 160 years, worker-owned cooperatives have thrived in a range of industries across the globe, offering a proven model for addressing social, economic and environmental inequality. 

Worker cooperatives, particularly in low-wage industries, provide long-term, stable jobs that support the development of local economies and lift people out of poverty through better wages, better working conditions, asset-building and increased opportunities for personal and professional development.

After months of shaping every detail of their cooperative, Maria Muñoz, Cyndi Jimenez, Eva Marroquin, Brenda Jimenez and Lorena Hernandez are now the official worker-owners of Dahlia Green Cleaning Services. “My daughter Cyndi and I work as a team with our other members to provide professional green cleaning services to our clients” explained Brenda Jimenez, “…and we do it in a way that puts people and the planet first”.

Is your house looking messy? Are you struggling to find time to clean up? These amazing women will take care of that mess for you!  Dahlia Green Cleaning Services is now accepting new clients. Send an email to:

Text by staff at Worker Defense Project. For more information about WDP, check out their website at


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