CTUL Mobile Museum "Target" the Exploitation in Retail Cleaning

Mobile Museum from CTUL

Early this February, el Centro de Trabajadores Unidoes en Lucha (CTUL) launched the premiere of their mobile museum to highlight the exploitation at Target stores. The retail giant contracts  their cleaning services with retail cleaning companies like Diversified Maintenance. The museum was publically displayed on Feb. 7  in front of the Target Corporation Headquarters. CTUL held a press conference to report the evidence of workplace violations in the cleaning of Target stores.

Cleaning services fight for the contracts at big box retail stores like Target. Contractors try to offer the lowest bid to the store, and workers end up bearing the burdens of those low bids. The mobile museum featured facts about  federal lawsuits, health and safety violations and the lack of proper safety training that Diversified Maintenance Systems have been cited for by Department of Labor, OSHA, and the employees working for Diversified Maintenance. Some workers alleged working 56-60 hours per week at Diversified Maintenance without receiving their full overtime pay. Diversified Maintenance Systems is one of Target's largest contractors. Based on these violations and worker claims, the company's labor practices are not inline with Target's principles that they stated in their Target's 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report.

Target's 2011 Corporate Responsibility Report states:

We will not knowingly work with any company that does not comply with our ethical standards

Standards of Vendor Engagement

5) We seek business partners who do not require a work week that exceeds local laws or business customs and who do not require a week of more than 48 hours, plus a maximum of 12 hours overtime, on a regularly scheduled basis. Workers shall have at least one in seven days off. 

6) Fair wages and benefits must be provided in compliance with local laws; in addition, we encourage our partners to improve wages and benefits to address the basic needs of workers and their families.

The mobile museum also highlights the stories and faces of the retail cleaning workers, striving for justice in their workplace with the help CTUL.

Click here to learn more about the deadline set for a strike if cleaning contractors won't meet with workers!


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