Damayan Migrants Workers Association Take On Labor Trafficking

Damayan Migrants Workers Association has taken on labor trafficking and modern-day slavery. 

In late September, Damayan Migrants Workers Association and their allies held a rally and interfaith vigil to demand an end to modern-day slavery and labor trafficking. The rally and interfaith vigil, which occurred in front of the Philippine consulate, called for legal reform to punish individuals who engage in labor trafficking and abuse domestic workers.

Damayan at Phillipine Consulate

A labor trafficking survivor spoke about earning only $400 a month for working an average of 20 hours a day from her diplomat employer. Because of diplomatic immunity, the diplomat was never charged. Since foreign diplomats hold this immunity, they cannot be prosecuted on U.S. soil, according to the U.S. State Department. Other stories from the rally and vigil included inhumane working conditions and working for little to no pay.

Damayan Migrants are calling for U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, to hold diplomatic traffickers accountable for their behavior. In its efforts to seek out justice for women affected by labor trafficking, Damayan Migrants helped four women get immigration relief and are in the process of reunifying them to their children.

In the end year celebration, Damayan Migrants Workers Association will hold its first annual benefit event later this month.

Watch the video below to learn more about labor trafficking and hear the stories of Filipino domestic workers.




Photo Courtesy of Damayan Migrants Workers Association


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    I think this is very very wrong. It is my wish that people speak up and tell their story. That is the only way to let people of the world know. Too many times MONEY is in control of human suffering.... GREED needs to be OUTED!!!!

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