IWJ Affiliates & Members Send A "Timely" Message to Walmart

IWJ Affiliates & Members Send A "Timely" Message to Walmart

Workers' Center of CNY Black Friday ActionAdvocates across the country held thousands of actions occurred at Walmart stores on Black Friday. IWJ's campaign calling Jubilee at Walmart and many other organizations supporting Walmart workers like OUR Walmart and Making Change at Walmart took to the streets, sidewalks and even in Walmart stores to stand in solidarity with striking workers.

IWJ affiliates and their worker members supported these efforts and delivered letters to management and corporate executives, holding  prayer vigils and producing flash mobs. IWJ affiliates and supporters organized nearly 100 actions, and IWJ supporters joined countless others.

IWJ affiliated worker center in Maine at the Southern Maine Workers' Center exemplifies the strong network base by having a flash mob at a local Walmart store in the Maine. Using a flash mob dance tutorial developed by IWJ and ARISE Chicago staffers, the Southern Maine Workers' dance to the lyrically remade version of Kesha's famous Tick Tok and told Walmart management their demands.

Take a look at the marvelous flash mob video from the Southern Maine Workers' Center

Some media misrepresented the actions and strikes on the Black Friday assuming the actions were because Walmart opened earlier on Thanksgiving. It's simply more than that.

It's about respect, an ending to retaliation for speaking out, a free & fair choice of association, a living wage above poverty level and fair scheduling.

Sign this IWJ petition calling Jubilee at Walmart and support this campaign!


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