Voces de la Frontera/NAACP Lawsuit Halts Voter ID Law

Judge Grants Temporary Injunction Denying Requirement for Photo ID in General Election

On March 6th, Wisconsin Dane County Judge David Flanagan granted a temporary injunction halting any implementation of Wisconsin's controversial new voter ID law for the April 3rd general election. 

"Justice has been served," said Voces executive director Christine Neumann-Ortiz.  "This is a victory for the over 200,000 voters across the state who lack Act 23 acceptable photo ID- disproportionately high numbers of Latino, African-American, and elderly voters. Judge Flanagan respected the history of Wisconsin and the state constitution- which emphasizes access for voters and expansion of the franchise.  

We know that this kind of justice does not come easily, and we are prepared to continue fighting any efforts to strip this hard-earned right away."

James Hall, president of the Milwaukee branch of the NAACP added: "This is a wonderful day for the citizens of Wisconsin- and by that I mean all citizens: the elderly, minorities, non-English speakers, students and others."

A hearing to continue the injunction will be held on April 16.

Contact Joe Shansky, Voces communication coordinator at (414) 218-3331 for more information or go to Voces' website at http://www.vdlf.org/.


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