Madison affiliates publish "Just Dining" Guide

just dining guideThe Workers' Rights Center of Madison (WRC) and the Interfaith Coalition for Worker Justice (ICWJ) teamed up to publish a Just Dining guide that informs customers and workers about the employment standards and conditions for the people who cook, prepare and serve food in the downtown restaurants of Madison. The guide focuses especially on the working conditions in central Madison restaurants.

Dining customers and workers in the area now have the tools to compare various restaurants. The guide provides various criteria and ratings of different restaurants including workers' wages, benefits and working conditions. Customers can see the restaurants whose owners insure their workers are treated fairly, and know about sub-standards employers in the area that need improvement when it comes to working conditions. A more informed consumer can make more ethical choices!

The groups collected a total of 308 surveys from restaurant employees, representing 139 restaurants in the area, according to the website. The WRC hopes the guide is just the first of many employment standard guides and would like hear feedback and suggestions about the guide.

Click here for more information, and to download or order copies of "Just Dining" guide



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