Health & Safety

Millions of individuals in the workforce are faced with jobs where they are not guaranteed a safe and healthy work environment.  Immigrants (especially Latino immigrants), young workers and low-wage workers are particularly vulnerable. 

  • Latino workers are more likely to die from an injury at work than White and African American workers.
  • American workplace health and safety standards are in a state of decay for all workers. 5,657 workers of all backgrounds died on the job in 2007.

IWJ is taking action to address health and safety in the workplace.

  • Through grants from NIOSH, the Public Welfare Foundation, OSHA and Susan Harwood, IWJ National and our Worker Centers are rapidly expanding their health and safety work, outreach, training, and organizing of workers.
  • Our Worker Centers collect stories on workplace injuries and illnesses, and survey workers to learn the scope of health and safety violations in their communities.
  • Worker Centers send members to trainings, facilitated by the IWJ National staff, to enable members to conduct trainings for other workers back home.
  • Many of our centers host public forums on health and safety and conduct legislative visits to urge the passage of laws that will protect all workers.
  • IWJ re-grants funds to Worker Centers to conduct health and safety trainings of their own for workers, develops training materials for industries with the worst record of health and safety violations, builds relationships with OSHA and strategizes to promote best practices.

Upcoming health and safety trainings and events:

  • To help workers learn about their rights under OSHA, how to make a worksite safer and how to help other workers learn and organize, attend the next IWJ health and safety training. Email us for more information.

Check out the good work being done at one of our Worker Centers: