Bottom Line: State report reveals role of transportation in workplace fatalities

BOSTON - Nancy Woods, 46, of Rutland was one of five workers in Central Massachusetts to die on the job in 2014. Ms. Woods’ death made the news for several days; she was helping the sole passenger out of the back of her Worcester Regional Transit Authority bus when it began to move. Ms. Woods ran to the front of the vehicle to attempt to stop it, but instead was struck and killed by the bus.

Ms. Woods, the bus driver, is one of 50 workers statewide to die on the job in 2014, one of 17 workers killed in transportation accidents and one of seven women. The count includes 10 firefighters who died as a result of work-related illnesses, according to the Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health 2014 report.

MassCOSH annually produces an analysis of workplace fatalities, observing trends and advocating for safer workplaces.

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