Massachusetts: New Law Offers Safety Protection to State Employees

A new law that provides safety and health protections to Massachusetts executive branch employees went into effect on March 24. The law, which requires that safety measures be at least as protective as those found under the federal Occupational Safety and Health Act, seeks to stem the high human and financial toll of workplace injury, illness and death...

MassCOSH is offering health and safety introductory sessions to state employees through their unions and is holding quarterly executive branch conference calls to educate workers about how to ensure their right to safe, healthy working conditions. MassCOSH is also working with public employee unions and its members to ensure that the enforcement agency, DLS, has the resources needed to do its job. Governor Charlie Baker included $500,000 in funding for DLS, and MassCOSH is encouraging its members to call their legislators to ensure that this funding included in the House and Senate budgets as well.

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