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The gap in the US between the rich and the poor has never been wider. According to a study by The Brookings Institution, Toledo is recognized as the US metropolitan area with the largest increase in poverty, rising more than 15% over the last decade, according to the 2010 Census. If the trend continues, more and more individuals who have considered themselves a part of the middle class in the US will be  joining the ranks of the American poor. President Obama calls this issue “the defining challenge of our time.”

Doug Jambard-Sweet of Toledo, a spokesperson for the group Move To Amend, is one who recognizes the urgency of exploring this issue. That is why he’s part of an ongoing effort to bring it to the forefront. On Thursday, February 20, The University of Toledo and Owens Community College will jointly hold a public screening of Inequality For All – an enlightening documentary directed by Jacob Kornbluth and featuring Dr. Robert Reich. The simulcast, presented by Move to Amend and Toledo Area Jobs with Justice (, functions as “a powerful organizing tool in the fight to maintain the economic health of this community and to prevent us from slipping further toward poverty and depredation.”

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