Workers Center of Central New York - Dairy farmworkers seek support for farm safety inspections in New York (Your letters)

Editors Note: The following letters are from dairy farmworkers who met with the Syracuse Media Group editorial board Jan. 10, 2014, to press for safety inspections of dairy farms by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The letters were translated from Spanish by the Workers' Center of Central New York and the Worker Justice Center of NY.

Politicians look out for farmers, ignore dangers to farmworkers
To the Editor:

Recently I was part of a group that met with the editorial board of this newspaper. In the meeting we presented information, and my testimonial and that of another worker, so that the newspaper would be informed and would support the Local Emphasis Program on dairy farms that OSHA recently started due to the high incidence of accidents and deaths on dairy farms. The program educates the owners of dairies in how to comply with the occupational safety and health standards, and also includes a provision for the implementation of surprise inspections. Seeing the opposition of the farmers and politicians to this program, which we believe will be a benefit to workers, we have organized ourselves to educate the community and ask them that they don't ignore those of us who are an enormous help to the economy of this state.

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