Mr. Mustafa White

Mr. Mustafa White

Finance Committee Chairperson

Houston, TX

Mustafa White has lived in Houston, TX for the last 11 years with his wife.

Mr. White is originally from the south but moved Washington D.C. are where he finished his college education. It was in Washington where many years ago he became active with different social groups.

With more than 25 years of experience in accounting and finance and in non-profits, Mr. White currently is the treasurer for Helping Hand for Relief and Development, an organization dedicated to helping humanity worldwide with disaster relief, and social and economic improvement projects, and has served on its board since 2013.

Mr. White is also a board member of the Islamic Outreach Center, a non-profit in Cypress TX devoted to promoting a clear understanding of the Muslim community and its message in the Houston and surrounding areas.

Finally, Mr. White works with the Islamic Circle of North America in Houston, a non-profit serving the needs of the Houston area with shelter homes, food pantries, and other human services. ICNA answers the call for social justice in the area and cooperates with like-minded groups. Mr. White has served on its board since 2008.