Health and Safety Organizer


  • To provide support and technical assistance to the IWJ Network of Worker Centers on OSHA health and safety outreach, training, and enforcement strategies with a focus on the rights of low-wage and immigrant workers.
  • To increase IWJ’s capacity to provide training for local staff and leaders of the Worker Center Network.
  • To provide health and safety campaign organizing support to the IWJ Network of Worker Centers.

The National Organizer for Health and Safety will lead Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ)’s Network of Worker Centers’ health and safety campaigns. This includes providing technical support to local affiliates organizing local health and safety campaigns as well as coordinating national health and safety campaigns. The National Organizer for Health and Safety is also responsible for administering a federal grant from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Funds are sub-granted to 14 (currently) participating worker centers from IWJ’s Network of Worker Centers for the purpose of conducting health and safety training and education to low-wage and immigrant workers. The National Organizer for Health and Safety will work with these centers to meet grant objectives and will provide technical assistance as needed. In addition, the National Organizer for Health and Safety will organize regional train-the-trainers on workplace health and safety for worker center staff, leaders, and community allies as described below.

The position is directly accountable to the appropriate Program Director or the Executive Director.

Providing organizing and capacity building assistance to affiliates by:

  • Maintaining a working relationship with affiliates in his/her portfolio through training and on-site visits.
  • Assisting affiliates with setting up health and safety committees.
  • Assisting affiliates to design local health and safety campaigns.
  • Developing training resources for health and safety campaigns.
  • Deepening partnerships with key organizations in the field (the NCOSH network), other workers center networks, and government agencies (OSHA, NIOSH, and other agencies in the Department of Labor);
  • Collaborating with IWJ’s Worker Center Coordinator and other health and safety advocates (such as NCOSH and union allies) to identify and recruit local staff and leaders to attend trainings.

Conduct training programs for staff and leaders of affiliates, including:

  • Organizing four (currently) regional health and safety train-the-trainers during the year.
  • Updating existing general industry and sector-specific health and safety trainings for the network and creating one additional sector-specific training module.
  • Developing and organizing at least 3 peer trainings that allow developed worker centers to mentor less established centers and share best practices.
  • Conducting mid-year and year-end evaluation of training programs.

Provide support and technical assistance for IWJ worker centers, including:

  • Providing direct support to worker centers by regularly educating and updating them on OSHA health and safety standards on monthly coordinated calls.
  • Coordinating translation of outreach and training materials.
  • Managing and posting resources on the IWJ website.

Evaluate the effectiveness of local and national health and safety work, including:

  • Working with OSHA staff to provide sufficient evaluation tools to centers that successfully assess the success of the training program.
  • Submitting quarterly grant reports to OSHA.

In addition to the specific job responsibilities, the staff member will:

  • Participate in regular staff meetings, board meetings and events as requested.
  • Supervise interns as appropriate.
  • Perform other tasks as requested.


  • Minimum three years of experience teaching and training adults, including familiarity with popular education techniques
  • Experience with community and/or union organizing
  • Experience with experience in health and safety organizing or workplace organizing or around health and safety is a plus
  • Strong writing skills
  • Proficient in Spanish, writing and speaking a must
  • Strong commitment to social justice, especially economic justice and building worker power and leadership


Please send a cover letter and resume to with National Health and Safety Organizer and your name in the subject line.

Additional Salary Information: Salary range for this position is $45,000-$50,000 depending upon experience. Interfaith Worker Justice is dedicated to ensuring workers’ rights and offers full and comprehensive benefits to its employees including: medical, dental and disability insurance, 401K retirement plan with organizational contribution, and pre-tax transportation plan.