Corporate Justice

Corporate Justice

IWJ is active in multiple campaigns targeting well known corporations that have standardized poor working conditions, low pay and stifling collective bargaining rights. We're working with our allies on the following campaigns:

For Respect and Dignity at Walmart
More than 1.4 million Walmart workers in the United States are earning poverty wages and work in dangerous environments with limited access to insurance and benefits at Walmart. IWJ is involved with the Making Change at Walmart Campaign and calling for Jubilee at Walmart.

Fair pay for fast food and retail workers
While corporate executives are receiving huge compensation packages, many workers who make these fast food joints and retail shops profitable are struggle to provide their families with basic necessities. IWJ is supporting the many Fast Food Forward and Fight for $15 campaigns across the country and standing with the government workers calling for a Good Jobs Nation.

Support Hospitality Workers
In hotels across the country, thousands of housekeepers struggle to survive on poverty wages, and suffer injuries at higher rates than others in the service industry and face retaliation when seeking to form unions. IWJ urges congregations and denominations to support these workers by including protective language in contracts when hosting events at hotels and other venues.

Chicago Hyatt ActionThere is a critical role for the religious community to stand alongside workers as they call for justice from their employers.
—Ryan Wallace, IWJ Seminary Summer intern, 2012