Cy Pres Awards

Cy pres awards are leftover funds from class action cases. Under the cy pres doctrine, courts can distribute residual funds to a non-profit organization when it is not possible to directly distribute all of the money to the class members.

Interfaith Worker Justice strongly believes that all class action funds should go to the class members themselves, but in cases when, for a variety of reasons, that is not possible, we are equipped to receive cy pres awards and make sure those funds go toward furthering the cause of working people, especially those in low-wage jobs.

How You Can Help

If you or your firm are involved in a class action case and are unable to fully distribute the settlement funds, please consider Interfaith Worker Justice as a cy pres recipient. Over the last 16 years, IWJ and its network of affiliates around the country have helped obtain millions of dollars in back wages for low-wage working families. By awarding cy pres funds to IWJ, you can rest assured that these residual funds will be used to help make access to justice a reality for more low-income workers.

Consider IWJ for cy pres* awards of residual funds from cases involving unpaid wages, unpaid benefits, workplace injuries, discrimination and other workplace violations.

How Cy Pres Makes a Difference in Workers' Lives

IWJ has received close to $200,000 in residual funds. These cy pres awards supported:

  • the campaign to end wage theft
  • the expansion of our workers' center network
  • technical assistance and training programs for more than 60 IWJ religion-labor groups and workers’ centers around the country.
  • resource materials for individual workers, congregations, students, and worker rights activists.

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