A Faithful Path to Worker Justice

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“Who is raising our children?” asked Melody Swett at a press conference in early March. Melody is a hotel worker in Seattle and a working mother.  She is also an active leader in the Seattle community, advocating for better workplace standards and a minimum wage that actually affords working parents like herself the means to raise a family with dignity and above the poverty line.

This past International Women’s Day, Melody joined local clergy and community leaders in celebrating the contributions of women workers and honoring their place in the workforce by calling for a $15 dollar minimum wage.

Mary’s Pence shares the story of Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ). In celebration of May Day, or International Worker’s Day, we highlight an organizational ally in the fight for worker justice. We often share successes, stories, and strategies with IWJ as we progress towards our shared vision of justice for workers and women. We will be sharing more about how to fight wage theft in your communities in our upcoming Spring Newsletter.

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