Book Review: How and Why the US is Economically ‘Divided’

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The collection of essays called “Divided: The Perils of Our Growing Inequality” covers its important topic from a variety of viewpoints. While a valuable book, it’s also a bit of a hit-or-miss affair because editor David Cay Johnston selected articles that emphasize facts and data whether or not there was any entertainment value in the writing.

Say It Loud but Say it Better

It is not clear what a reviewer should make of some of the writing in this book. Take Kim Bobo’s essay, “Wage Theft,” as an example. The 15-page piece contains a great many excellent points, including one of the most convincing and intelligent arguments in favor of unions I have ever seen. Hers is an article with information that should be a prerequisite for anyone running for elective office. Unfortunately, the paper sometimes seems like it has been passably translated from a none-too-advanced language. The facts and the humanity are on Bobo’s side but she needs to find a collaborator who loves English and knows how to use it.

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