Current overtime pay laws are hardly working

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Tomorrow (Thursday) President Barack Obama will address the Department of Labor (DOL) to ask for increased protection of a worker’s right to overtime pay. Currently, salaried employees making more than $455 a week—or roughly $24,000 a year—are exempt from overtime pay, however the president will propose to raise that threshold. The new threshold will include more salaried workers who hold “managerial and executive positions” within companies such as fast food restaurants or convenience stores. The new proposal will affect millions of households in the United States and will work toward the president’s hope of closing the gap between the wealthy and the poor and eliminating income inequality.

Every workers deserves a just wage for the hard work he or she does every day. The dignity of workers and their rights is a topic that Kim Bobo, the executive director and founder of Interfaith Worker Justice, fights for. In an interview last year with U.S. Catholic Bobo said that withholding just wages for overtime is the biggest example of wage theft that employers are found guilty of.

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