Mr. President, how about a side of back-pay with that executive order?

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As McDonald’s workers across the country begin to take action against wage theft, one thing is clear: this is not a problem isolated to McDonald’s or the fast-food industry. Wage theft is rampant across low-wage industries – even in federal buildings.

You might assume that companies receiving taxpayer dollars wouldn’t get those dollars if they didn’t follow federal law, but recent studies show a persistent pattern of law-breaking by federal contractors.  A U.S. Senate report revealed that 32 percent of the largest U.S. Department of Labor penalties for wage theft were brought against federal contractors.  Similarly, a National Employment Law Project study found that nearly 40 percent of low-wage contract workers in the DC metro area reported stolen wages.

Bobo is the founder of Interfaith Worker Justice and author of the book "Wage Theft in America."

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