Striking Walmart Workers Bus to Bentonville Seeking Corporate Reform

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When Walmart holds its annual meeting in Bentonville, Ark., on Friday, Janet Sparks will deliver two important messages. First, as a small shareholder, she will introduce a resolution to reform executive compensation at the world’s largest retailer. More significantly, however, as a worker at the company’s store in the small town of Baker, La., Sparks will also be telling Walmart a thing or two through her actions: Sparks, a national leader of OUR Walmart—a two-year old organization of the company’s retail “associates”—is one of more than 100 Walmart workers from across the country who went on strike May 28, and who have traveled to Bentonville to make their voices heard.

After arriving in Bentonville last weekend, the striking workers began a weeklong series of planned demonstrations and meetings with participation of public figures like United Farm Workers co-founder Dolores Huerta, and leaders of support groups like Interfaith Worker Justice, the National Organization for Women and Jobs With Justice.

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