Thanksgiving by Another Name: Supporting Black Friday Actions by Walmart Workers

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Each year in November, we celebrate Thanksgiving with our families, and the next day, many of us spend the day shopping on Black Friday. Can we as people of faith try something different this year?

Thanksgiving Day is a time to be with our families, friends and our communities to share a bountiful meal around a table and honor what we’re most thankful for. In the U.S., it’s a national holiday to reflect on the many blessings we have received and remember those who are less fortunate. We remember those individuals locked in the prison-industrial complex, those suffering in our neighborhoods, our schools, and many others around the country and world. We say our prayers of thanksgivings; fill up on all food in sight, rest and sleep. The following day (or early morning hours) we wait in long lines to shop for the best Black Friday sales and deals. Sometimes shoppers wrestle, fight and struggle to get the best sale items.

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