Wage Theft in Kentucky Costs More Than All Other Robbery Combined

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Last week, the Kentucky Labor Cabinet released a report which found that the “money taken each year in Kentucky during all robberies combined falls well short of the total amount of wages improperly withheld from Kentucky’s workers.”

Wage theft is anything but a Kentucky problem. Kim Bobo, founder of Interfaith Worker Justice and author of Wage Theft in AmericaWhy Millions of Working Americans Are Not Getting Paid, tells BillMoyers.com, “If you eat at restaurants, shop at retail stores, hire someone to mow your grass or clean your house, get your car cleaned at a carwash, or get your nails done professionally, you probably have been served by workers who are victims of wage theft. Wage theft is a widespread crisis that hurts workers, ethical employers who are placed at a competitive disadvantage and all taxpayers.”

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