IWJplans moral economy prayer service

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The Interfaith Worker Justice Occupy prayer service is designed to help people reflect on a moral economy within the context of their religious traditions. It’s written for clergy and religious leaders. Interfaith Worker Justice says faith calls people to action to support justice and morality for workers. Joe Hopkins, An IWJ young adult missionary, was one of 175 people recently arrested in a non-violent occupy Chicago civil disobedience. Hopkins says people of faith can imagine a just world where families live together in their houses, the sick and elderly get care and workers receive just payment. Interfaith Worker Justice Executive Director Kim Bobo says the core issues driving the occupy protests are the growing inequality in America and the lack of responsiveness on that and the jobs crisis from Congress. The Interfaith Worker Justice occupy prayer services can be downloaded at their web site iwj.org From November 17-20th Interfaith Worker Justice together with faith and labor communities nationwide, will hold actions aimed at an economic system oriented around just jobs.

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