Interfaith Leaders to Honor King and Call for Jobs

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For Immediate Release, January 11, 2012      

James Parks, 773-456-9739

Rev. Paul Sherry, 202-525-3055

Washington D.C. Worship Service Scheduled for Jan. 16

[National] As Congress returns to consider extending unemployment benefits, interfaith leaders will call on our elected leaders to honor Martin Luther King, Jr.’s legacy by extending the benefits and making job creation our national priority. King spent his life trying to better the lot of working people and died while helping sanitation workers in Memphis gain union recognition.  

Religious leaders will join with unemployed workers for an Interfaith Service for Jobs in Washington, D.C. at 3:00 p.m., Jan. 16 at Shiloh Baptist Church, 1500 Ninth St., NW in Washington, D.C.         

Dr. James Forbes, the Harry Emerson Fosdick Distinguished Professor at Union Theological Seminary and senior minister emeritus of Riverside Church in New York City, will deliver the sermon. Forbes says, “It will come as a surprise to some that Dr. King’s dream included a vision of a society of full employment and the expectation that all citizens would enjoy basis subsistence necessities. Economic justice was the focus of his work during his last year of national leadership. Our celebration of his birthday this year will require us to pay attention to what he said and take actions toward the realization of the ‘jobs for all’ agenda.”

Rev. Paul Sherry, coordinator of Faith Advocates for Jobs, the sponsor of the service, says, “We will go to the halls of Congress to demand that our elected representatives work to create jobs, good jobs, so that mothers and fathers can feed their families and turn this economy around. It is a travesty that so little is being done to create good jobs when so much could and should be done. We need to be very clear about this. Good jobs can be created. It is a question of will.”

Both Forbes and Sherry are available for interviews. To schedule interviews, call James Parks, Communication Director of Interfaith Worker Justice’s DC office at 773-456-9739. For more information, visit
Faith Advocates for Jobs is a campaign initiated by Interfaith Worker Justice and 40 other organizations to address the severe suffering endured by millions of unemployed workers.