Interfaith Worker Justice Celebrates Ohio Victory

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Interfaith Worker Justice Celebrates Ohio Victory

Nov. 17-20 National Days of Action for Just Jobs Planned


National – On Nov. 17-20 Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ) is planning four National Days of Action for Just Jobs. Interfaith worker advocates were part of the coalition that turned back an Ohio law this week that restricted the right of workers to bargain collectively.  Their efforts are part of a movement led by the IWJ affiliate network fighting for workers’ rights and winning victories, including tough anti-wage theft and paid sick day legislation, in cities and states across the U.S.


Rev. Troy Jackson, faith-based coordinator for We Are Ohio, said the National Days of Action are even more important in light of the work done to overturn SB5. “We must continue to think and work from a faith-rooted perspective so the gains we made in Ohio lead to a radical awakening of the power of people of faith in support of the labor movement and workers.” Jackson is pastor of University Christian Church in Cincinnati and an IWJ national board member.


During the Nov. 17-20 National Days of Action, Workers Centers in the IWJ network will hold a variety of actions, mostly around the issue of wage theft. Congregations in the network will be holding Just Jobs Sabbath Days. Some are pitching Solidarity Tents to show support of the economic and moral questions being raised by those who are occupying Wall Street. IWJ is also encouraging people of faith to participate in the “Invest in Infrastructure” bridge actions planned by the AFL-CIO for Nov. 17.


Karen Krause, director of Toledo Area Jobs With Justice/Interfaith Worker Justice, said. “I hope the resounding victory Tuesday in overturning SB5 will serve as a wake-up call for our elected officials and those who try to turn back the clock to times when workers had no voice.” People of faith will continue be on the front lines, Krause said, of the effort to protect workers’ rights and create just jobs.


This is the third annual National Days of Action sponsored by Interfaith Worker Justice.


For more information about the Nov. 17-20 Days of Action or to interview Ohio interfaith leaders contact Kelly


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