People of Faith Call for Jubilee at Walmart Vigils Planned at Walmart Stores June 29-July 6

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News Advisory, June 28, 2012

Cathy Junia, IWJ Communications Director
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National – People of faith across the country are planning vigils outside their local Walmart stores to draw attention to the retail giant’s poor labor practices, and push for real changes to benefit workers.

The prayer vigils, first of a series of actions planned for the year, will take place June 29 to July 6, as part of the national week of action in support of Walmart workers. It is also the week Walmart officially kicks off its 50th anniversary celebration.

“Given that the Jubilee in biblical provision occurs every 50 years, the 50th anniversary of Walmart is a splendid occasion for a Jubilee Year among us, “ said Columbia Theological Seminary professor Dr. Walter Brueggemann. “Thus it is here proposed that 
on its 50th anniversary, Walmart pauses in its rough and tumble of economics to give back for the sake of the neighborhood.”

Such “give-backs” include fair wages and access to benefits for Walmarts nearly 2 million store workers.

“In vigil we show our support for Walmart workers who suffer due to corporate greed,” Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ) Executive Director Kim Bobo said. “We call upon the company’s executives to treat their workers with respect and dignity in the spirit of Jubilee.”

A list of vigils and local events are available at

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