Senate Bill Passage Will Mean More Deaths of Working People

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Repeal of 45-year-old OSHA regulation will make American jobs less safe

The following is a statement from Interfaith Worker Justice Executive Director Laura Barrett:

“On Wednesday, the United States Senate voted along party lines to repeal a decades-old rule giving the Occupational Safety and Health Administration the authority to hold employers accountable to maintaining accurate health and safety records.

“The health and safety of working people should never be a political issue. This OSHA rule has been uncontroversial for 45 years and former Directors of the Bureau of Labor Statistics under both Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush have publicly urged the Senate to reject the repeal.

“When the president signs this bill, as is widely expected, he will be accelerating his attack on the nation’s working people, many of whom supported his candidacy for the White House.

“In the wake of the president’s support for this repeal of the OSHA rule, as well as his decision to cut vital OSHA health and safety training grants in his draconian budget proposal, it becomes more clear everyday that when Donald Trump promises to be a champion for working people, he is lying.

“Donald Trump’s only concern for working people is how quickly he can sell them out.”