U.S. House must reject latest attack on Sanctuary movement

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CHICAGO (May 25, 2017) — "On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee approved HR 2431, a piece of legislation sponsored by Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID) that would allow states and localities to enact and enforce immigration laws in line with federal statutes and in defiance of Sanctuary legislation intended to protect undocumented people from unjust detention and deportation.

"Overwhelming evidence shows that when local law enforcement openly cooperate with ICE, the community as a whole is less safe. Anyone with a modicum of common sense should understand that if undocumented people are afraid to report crimes they have witnessed or been a victim of for fear of deportation, police are unable to properly do their jobs.

"By attacking the Sanctuary movement with this legislation, House Republicans advance their assault on truth and betray their willingness to continue heaping the values that make this nation great —inclusion, diversity, and welcoming of immigrants— into the dustbin of history.

"We urge all House members of conscience and faith to reject HR 2431."

Interfaith Worker Justice is a national network of more than 60 worker centers and faith-labor organizations committed to dignity and justice for all working people.