Workers mobilize for national Hungry For Justice month of action

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Labor, religious, and progressive allies planning ongoing actions for a living wage, better working conditions, end to wage theft, and more


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CHICAGO (November 2, 2015) — Thousands of workers who are fed up with poverty wages, unsafe  and unreliable working conditions, and tired of being victims of wage theft will take action throughout the month of November to show elected officials and corporate executives that they are Hungry For Justice. 

The month of action will include a massive mobilization of fast-food workers rallying for a $15 per hour living wage and a union, a two-week fast by Walmart workers, and a day of action to expose and end wage theft in America.

“For many Americans, the month of November means a big Thanksgiving meal and the biggest shopping day of the holiday season,” said IWJ executive director Rudy López, “But to those who work in retail or foodservice, those who drive the trucks that deliver our holiday goods, those who are denied their full pay as victims of wage theft, the start of the holiday season is just another example of the stark difference between the haves and the have-nots in America. This month presents us with an opportunity to reclaim the spirit of the holiday season -- peace, love, and justice for all.”

The Interfaith Worker Justice (IWJ) network is taking the lead on organizing the wage theft day of action on November 18, which will coincide with the launch of a redesigned website to help workers and organizations fight against wage theft. The site will be available on November 18 at

Interfaith Worker Justice has been organizing, educating and advocating at the intersection of work and faith since 1996. There are 70 affiliated organizations in the United States.