Workers’ Centers: A Clubhouse for Struggle, Support

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On a recent late-winter afternoon, the workers’ center on the second floor of a nondescript office building in New York City’s Chinatown was full and busy. Everyone had just eaten lunch; warm soup was welcome after picketing in the cold outside an offending restaurant, Saigon Grill on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. In the rear of the small office suite, with worn blue industrial carpet underfoot and inspirational posters bearing Mandarin Chinese writing on the walls, a circle of Saigon Grill’s delivery men discussed how to deal with what they called their employer’s latest affronts. A few feet away, at a computer, a young lawyer talked with her client — a worker at a restaurant in Queens until the owner abruptly shut it down — and typed up a legal document. Nearby stood a man talking to others about his effort to confront extortion and violence in the limousine business.

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