The Gift of Love

En Español

by Pastor Phil Tom

Read John 1:3-4

I recently read a story about a woman in Oklahoma who donated her bone marrow to save a stranger’s life. The woman decided to donate her bone marrow because her husband’s father had died years ago, from leukemia. This woman gave of her physical self so that another person might have life. This was a gift of unconditional love.

The national bone marrow registry program is always seeking donors. There are persons who donate for a family member or friend but fewer people will do it for a stranger. The idea of giving part of your physical self for a stranger is a challenging act for some people. It is easier to hand out food or to give some money to a stranger but to give part of your physical self to someone you do not know requires a difference spirit of sacrificial giving.

God’s gift of the Christ child is an extraordinary gift of love. God gave of Godself by taking on human form so that in Jesus Christ, God could personally share God’s love for all of humanity. There are no limits to God’s love. Jesus demonstrated God’s love by sharing it with all of humanity - the stranger, the widow, the tax man, the rich and the poor, the prostitute, and so on. No one is beyond God’s circle of love. As John 3:16 reminds us - “God so loved the world, that God gave God’s one and only Son...”

During this Advent season, we are reminded again that God sent Godself so that we might have life because of God’s gracious and unconditional love. God’s love transcends all human barriers. Wherever people are excluded or oppressed because of their race, gender, ethnicity, sexual preference, or economic status, the gift of Godself, the Christ child calls us to speak up, and to act so that all may experience the gift of God’s unconditional love for all.