"One of the glories of Catholic teaching and tradition is the long and consistent church voice supporting workers, the dignity of work, workers' rights to organize, and the responsibilities of good stewardship. When congregation members make the connection between God, their workplace, their church, and their lives, their faith is deepened and their lives empowered."

-Rev. William T. Corcoran, Pastor of St. Linus Church, Oak Lawn, Illinois


"As a rabbi, when I speak at synagogues on Labor Day weekend, our congregations light up when they hear that the first mandates regarding worker justice come right from the book of Deuteronomy, our Torah."

-Rabbi Laurie Coskey, San Diego Interfaith Committee for Worker Justice


"Throughout the history of Islam, the Minbar (pulpit) was the conscience of the community. From it, the community was reminded about its duty to promote fairness and social and economic justice for all people.... I call upon our Imams in America to preserve this tradition by participating in the Labor in the Minbar program."

-Hussam Ayloush, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Southern California chapter