Lead a Delegation to Walmart Management

On Black Friday join workers, advocates and people of faith as we urge Walmart to change immoral corporate policies and treat workers with the respect and dignity they deserve. Lead a delegation to a Walmart manager in your community, and let's tell Walmart that people of faith stand with workers.

Here's what to do:

  1. Organize a delegation of 2-5 people. If more advocates want to join, send delegations to different stores and cover as many Walmart stores as possible.
  2. Decide upon a delegation leader, a person that will ask for the manager and introduce the group to the manager and move the conversation along.
  3. Meet early before you want to go in. People will arrive a different times, and you don’t want to start without everyone there.
  4. Go over the talking points below and assign members of the delegation points to bring up with the manager and the order in which people will say their points:
    • There are many faith communities across the country meeting with other general managers
    • This is the season of giving and generosity, we ask Walmart to show generosity to associates and workers along the supply chain by paying better wages and providing safer working conditions
    • Your group will be praying for workers during this holiday season.
    • Ask the manager to pass along the letter and its message to Mike Duke, CEO of WalMart
    • Hand over two copies of the letter. One for the manager and the other to be sent to the headquarter.
  5. Offer to pray with the manager
  6. Debrief outside

 Sample Letter
Click on the image to download a sample letter to deliver to a store manager at a prayer vigil.